Spending Time Back Home

I think everyone considers where they grew up “home”, even after they’ve moved away. I was born and raised on the South Shore of Massachusetts and luckily for me most of my family still lives there. I went to school in Georgia, but returned after college for about seven years until my move to California last September.

A few days ago, I traveled to Massachusetts alone, as my husband couldn’t get away from work. The trip was really more for business than pleasure, because we are having our wedding there in two and a half months and a lot to get done. I should probably explain that my husband is in the Navy and like many others in that situatuation, we had a quickie courthouse marriage. Now I am planning my dream wedding celebration so we can say our vows in front of family and friends. And to, you know, party and drink and eat.

So on Valentine’s Day I flew from Los Angeles to Boston. After an hour and a half delay, a five and a half hour flight, and the shock of being thrust into record breaking cold tempatures, I was home. Unfortunately I failed to take a picture in my post-travel hunger daze, but my wonderful family was kind enough to have chicken tikka masala from our favorite Indian restaurant waiting for me upon arrival. That’s love and understanding.

Day one started with a 9am dress fitting. I haven’t seen my gown in 6 months and luckily it fit almost perfectly! The way you reward that is with French toast. My mom, sister and I had the best breakfast at one our favorite local spots, The Eating Establishment, pictured above. To be able to visit places that you have known since you were a kid is such a cool and special experience.

The best part is that the day only got better from there. After  finding and buying my moms dress for the wedding, we moved on to what is hands down the most incresdible part of wedding planning. Cake tasting.

Suddenly all the worry about bridesmaid dresses and stress about if the florist can be booked in time dissolved. I was mesmerized by a beautiful plate of seven different slices of delicious cake. The only hard part was having to choose a favorite.

Day two we ran a few more wedding related errands. A lot of stuff got taken care of and there’s really no need to break it all down. I can sum it up by saying at the time I was a ball of anxiety, but next week when I sit down with my to-do list, I’ll be feeling great about all we accomplished. Shout out to my sister/maid of honor for keeping my organized!

We had one more family meal the last night at another favorite restaurant, Not Your Average Joes, an American style eaterie that serves up seasonal specials and local ingredients. I usually would have tried something of the monthly specials, but since it has been so long since I had been there, I ordered my staples. The table shared fresh foccacia bread and buffalo Caribbean chicken tenders with pineapple salsa, and for my entree I had a Tuscan chicken sandwich, smothered in fresh mozzarella. YUM.

It was a short but sweet trip, and I am glad I got to break in my new travel category with a visit home. Just like my cooking, it’s nice to start with things that are familiar and beloved as a jumping off point. Luckily I have some more adventures coming up over the next couple months that I can wait to share.