I’m Not Sorry. #MeToo.

This is not a food post. I’m not sorry. This might get uncomfortable. I’m not sorry. I’m disgusted with my country. I’m not sorry. Today was the one year anniversary of the mainstream #metoo movement and it’s also the day an accused sexual assailant was appointed to the Supreme Court. I can’t change this today,…… Continue reading I’m Not Sorry. #MeToo.

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Shrimp Street Tacos with Mango Habanero Salsa

It has been a busy start to fall here! First off, last month I celebrated my 32nd birthday… yikes. It was a low-key day of brunch, day drinks and football, since my last couple birthdays have been very eventful. Year 30 was celebrated on a party bus (literally, a school bus), cruising up Highway 1…… Continue reading Shrimp Street Tacos with Mango Habanero Salsa